The thought to build software for managing new home construction occurred by Everywhere® Founder, Brand Winnie on two separate occasions:

  1. When he wanted his house to have it’s own API
  2. When he got tired of using disparate systems and SAAS apps to manage the construction process of Everywhere® homes

Brand knew the software behind this had to be constantly evolving and would be an incredibly large project that could positively effect millions of people and how they build their own homes. Because of this thinking, Brand new the software had to be open source, free-to-use and community driven.

Using WordPress as a model, Brand thought that the same sort of open source & commercial parallel could exist in the home building space as well. Everywhereco.com being the commercial arm and platform in which the homes are designed, and their plans are purchased by customers. And BuildEverywhere.org being the open source software which acts as the interface for the client to build their home in a very streamlined and easy way.

The ‘Build’ software is meant to take all of the complexities out of the home construction process, and remain free for anyone to download and use at their disposal. Our mission is to change home construction forever, and we know that doing it with software is the way to.

If you’re a designer or developer and want to join us! Please email us, join us on Discord or contribute via our Github repo.