Developer Guidelines

Our Code is a Democracy

Code is poetry. But may the best poetry win, together. We believe in the power of community to harness the best ideas and most innovative methods for how to build software. We may take awhile to arrive at the right spot, but it WILL be the right spot. Once we’re there, we need to treat it with respect as it could last forever, but with the agility to adapt to new changes, at all times.

Our Design is a Benevolent Dictatorship

We believe in simple, yet great design as a starting place for great user experiences. For the foreseeable future, Everywhere® Founder, Brand Winnie, will have veto power over all design changes and additions. This will keep design at a maximum consistency in the early stages of this project. Over time, a brand codex will be established so that all contributors have access to all design assets and can make incremental updates without drastically impacting user experience.

Interaction with other Developers

More on this soon…

Instruction on how to report bugs and submit patches

More on this soon…