Why are we building this?

Traditionally, building a new home has been very complex and not a very fun process. From finding the right floorplan, to choose the proper piece of property that will work with the home you’ve selected, to finding the right builder and contractors, to getting permitting and financing in place — let’s face it, the process is a complete mess!

We hope to change that with our free & open source ‘Build’ software, which is being built as a project by the team at Everywhere® and many great contributors across the globe.

Think of our software is a WordPress for homebuilding. You have the free software you can download and contribute to, or you have the paid & managed process over at Everywhereco.com. Both pieces serve different users and purposes.

Our longterm vision is to create the best software in the world for managing the process of building a home. We envision many homes to select from in the coming years. It’s an exciting space for Engineers, Developers and Designers, due to all the components of a home and the construction process around it. We hope to wrap all that geeky goodness into a software ecosystem that can re-think construction from the ground up!

Take a look at our first product, the Ayfraym, and check back soon for updates!